Monday, 1 December 2008

Post, yes


Apparently Emery ignored the 'don't play with dangerous flamy looking things' speech...

So we're getting there; a lot of things for Mathema have been made decidedly stronger - And I hope you will enjoy it more for them :)

The picture? Well I always wanted to keep the magic away from 'soft-and-fuzzy', it's just not like that - so I thought I'd show you this latest quick-pic. I've been playing with some things for this, see below for part if you're interested.

I know a few more have joined since I last posted so 'welcome' :)
.... Is this just a repeat of my last post??.... haha, well at least there's a new picture ;)

p.s. ... I have yet to buy ANY Christmas presents.... D:

p.p.s. Brushes:

Thursday, 6 November 2008

And Then? ...

So so, a huge congrats to Dan for Azure's win :) and a thank-you since he's been so supportive to me throughout the competition.
And, of course! Thank-you everyone that supported the comic during the competition!

But what now for Mathema??
Well, like I could let it go ;)

There is going to be a little quiet time while I sort things out, but Mathema will find a little corner of the web to continue.
I plan to take it and fine tune it - I've learned a lot, and the feedback from Zuda has been invaluable. The comic will come back to continue better and brighter ... soon

Thanks again, and keep checking back
This is where I'll keep you updated first :)

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Fat Lady is Warming up...

It was awesome to jump to 2nd on Monday, thank-you everyone who put me back there and to those supporting 'Mathema' to the end... I think 'Azure' must have quite a big lead, but play on .... :D

So, if this is the last picture I get to post you before the end of the competition I hope you enjoy it.
Here are some magic-skills for you - Take a look, and I've put a little theory if you want to read it below...

The magic? Well I'll tell you a little bit about it :) :
The main use is through the 'rune-burning' that's been mentioned briefly (a take on traditional ideas where runes would be written on paper and burnt - in the world of Mathema they just sear them into the air) .
Runes guide the magic (that will either come from the person or from the Mathema device) and can be one or a 'path' of several.. depending on what you want to do.

If your keeping up with the characters and thinking 'I don't know the chap on the far left' - that's Thomas Swithin; he's only really a sub-character but I added him in here because his rune-skills are kind of special... usually only one 'path' can be used at a time, but Thom can split it.

Good luck all :)

Friday, 24 October 2008

Folk Far and Wide

Awesome! Unlucky for some, we've hit 13 followers - welcome to the gang :)

So far during the competition I've obviously been contacting [bothering] a lot of people to try and get them to go and read Mathema and vote; I can't believe how some people have been putting effort out for the comic. I note a few in thanks:

Someone also contacted me to ask if they could blog about Mathema on MySpace - There's something insanely cool for me about seeing 'Emery Hall' in the middle of a foreign blog
(Catch up with Mathema at MySpace here: )

The fan base is small but passionate; I'd rather the story was like that rather than something painfully middle ground... you never know.... I think I could deal with achieving cult status hahaha XD

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Oooo! Something new??

Gravy cakes!
It's the Mathema Sketchbook - well it will be properly when I finally get it all together in Flash but.... for now you can check out the huge versions....

p.s. hold out for the environments at the end ;)

The Girls ->
The boys ->

Where they all hang out->

p.p.s. Double figures in people watching the Blog! Thanks guys!

Oh and I found this....

[Caption] - 'Emery had a hard time convincing the 'Azure' girls that Victorian swimsuits were back in fashion....'

...Hope you laughed saulone :D

Thursday, 16 October 2008

oh yeah...

haha, still hanging around third - how to change this... *ponders*

Mathema: Characters

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Mathema: Art

More images coloured up - enjoy :)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Initial Rankings

Mathema fell in second during the first ranking.
I'm stunned; it's still so early in the competition but I'm already honoured by the feedback so far.

..I'm not gonna sleep for a month

Also... a steampunk community has been awesome enough to pass on the word about Mathema, visit them here;

New Art

Some new sketches I've been working on, hopefully I'll be able to get these coloured up over the next couple of days :) Emery in his Uncle's study and Beth (looking suspicious haha)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

About Mathema

A mathematician has found a way to reach chaos and copy the skills of the ages - dreaming that everyone should have the gift of magic.

But the discovery of Mathema forces a secret group of sorcerers into the open, desperate to protect their ancient gift of power by whatever means necessary..

Sunday, 28 September 2008