Thursday, 6 November 2008

And Then? ...

So so, a huge congrats to Dan for Azure's win :) and a thank-you since he's been so supportive to me throughout the competition.
And, of course! Thank-you everyone that supported the comic during the competition!

But what now for Mathema??
Well, like I could let it go ;)

There is going to be a little quiet time while I sort things out, but Mathema will find a little corner of the web to continue.
I plan to take it and fine tune it - I've learned a lot, and the feedback from Zuda has been invaluable. The comic will come back to continue better and brighter ... soon

Thanks again, and keep checking back
This is where I'll keep you updated first :)


Will said...


I was afraid that you wouldn't continue and Mathema is much too pretty to let it die.

Sarah Schanze said...

I'm so happy you're going to continue it too! I'm afraid I didn't have any connection to Zuda and found the comic through an ad somewhere, and didn't vote for it or anything either because I had no idea what Zuda was. But I was blown away by just those eight pages, and then the art I saw here on the blog. I can't wait to see Mathema back up and going again.

Amy Pearson said...

Will, Sarah Thank-you! I can't wait to get going and share this with you.

I hope you don't mind a little wait while I brush it up (I'll probably post you some art to be going on with in the mean time ;) )

Thanks for telling me that too Sarah, it's interesting to know. I've talked to people a lot about ad-ing for Zuda, the pros/cons..
Hopefully people will find it easier to get into when there's no pressure to vote :)

saulone said...

I echo what Will and Sarah have said about continuing. Dig the sketch too!

Thanks for the congrats again, and for your support. One of the greatest takeaways from the competition is getting the chance to meet and get introduced to amazing creators like yourself.

Don't kill yourself on the retooling either. Mathema is most definitely a 5 star comic.

I'll keep tuning in!

Skza said...

Hey Amy,

I liked Mathema a lot. It was really something unique. Maybe we can collab? hit me up at ian @

Anonymous said...

very excellent on the comic. I can not wait to see what else you create!

sadly my creations are now limited to props and gadgets( is one such example.
Thank you so much for creating your Mathema.

The Architect.