Monday, 1 December 2008

Post, yes


Apparently Emery ignored the 'don't play with dangerous flamy looking things' speech...

So we're getting there; a lot of things for Mathema have been made decidedly stronger - And I hope you will enjoy it more for them :)

The picture? Well I always wanted to keep the magic away from 'soft-and-fuzzy', it's just not like that - so I thought I'd show you this latest quick-pic. I've been playing with some things for this, see below for part if you're interested.

I know a few more have joined since I last posted so 'welcome' :)
.... Is this just a repeat of my last post??.... haha, well at least there's a new picture ;)

p.s. ... I have yet to buy ANY Christmas presents.... D:

p.p.s. Brushes:


Jer said...

1 shy of 30 followers. Congrats! If nothing else you should try to self-publish Mathema like Alpha Shade, Earthsong, or Inverloch.

Amy Pearson said...

Yea! More the merrier - It'd be great to see Mathema pick up in the distant future... ;)

.... but hopefully it will when it gets going properly.
Like the ones you mentioned, at the moment I'm focusing on the comic itself but also getting a little site going for it as well

Anonymous said...


saulone said...

Awesomeness abounds :) Really like the new magic shot of Emery...and working on getting a little site goin hunh? Hot!

Sarah Schanze said...

Beautiful coloring and light! I like how the magic shown in the past few pictures are so bright and...well, not fluffy but like, airy? I don't know, but it's certainly different than spiraly sparkles or something. XD Definitely can't wait for it to start, and I'm looking forward to its own space on the web. =3

I think I'll be doing my Chirstmas shopping online this year. >3> That's the way to go! XD

An•D said...

Nice drawing!

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Anonymous said...

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