Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Oooo! Something new??

Gravy cakes!
It's the Mathema Sketchbook - well it will be properly when I finally get it all together in Flash but.... for now you can check out the huge versions....

p.s. hold out for the environments at the end ;)

The Girls ->
The boys ->

Where they all hang out->

p.p.s. Double figures in people watching the Blog! Thanks guys!

Oh and I found this....

[Caption] - 'Emery had a hard time convincing the 'Azure' girls that Victorian swimsuits were back in fashion....'

...Hope you laughed saulone :D


Jer said...

As one of the folks helping you push double-digits today let me say, "Good lord your work is amazing!"

Thank you. =D

Emily said...

As another who subscribes to your feed, I also have to say this is awesome work. You're my favorite artist on DA, and I'm so ridiculously excited about this project!

Amy Pearson said...

Hey Jer,
You did thank-you! my number 10

Wow Emily thanks! I'm flattered people are following me over from DA
..and me too - ridiculously excited I mean, not my favorite artist ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work - I especially love these sketches. You are up at the archive now - please check your category and entry an let me know if there is anything you would like to add, or edits to be made.

Thank you,

Myke Amend

Bevan said...

I was wondering how long it would be before I stumbled across your work somewhere on the internet. Still very surprising when it actually happened.

Anyway, this all looks amazing. Love the colouring in particular. I look forward to seeing more, and best of luck in everything.


( br36[at] if you want to email, I don't really check anything else these days)

Anonymous said...

he he he - very nice :) - love the bathing suits shot! retro-chic.

The environments are top notch Amy. Really dig them. Drop me an email if you get the chance - I would love to chat -

Rhonin7 said...

Wow your work is amazing! I love the style of your characters, I only read the 8 pages but I sence the endless posibilities that the setting you created brings. Realy good stuff (ill try and stop now)

Ps:Is there a place where you tell something about how you came to draw the way you do? 'Cause I could use some good advise on growing as a drawingguy