Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Fat Lady is Warming up...

It was awesome to jump to 2nd on Monday, thank-you everyone who put me back there and to those supporting 'Mathema' to the end... I think 'Azure' must have quite a big lead, but play on .... :D

So, if this is the last picture I get to post you before the end of the competition I hope you enjoy it.
Here are some magic-skills for you - Take a look, and I've put a little theory if you want to read it below...

The magic? Well I'll tell you a little bit about it :) :
The main use is through the 'rune-burning' that's been mentioned briefly (a take on traditional ideas where runes would be written on paper and burnt - in the world of Mathema they just sear them into the air) .
Runes guide the magic (that will either come from the person or from the Mathema device) and can be one or a 'path' of several.. depending on what you want to do.

If your keeping up with the characters and thinking 'I don't know the chap on the far left' - that's Thomas Swithin; he's only really a sub-character but I added him in here because his rune-skills are kind of special... usually only one 'path' can be used at a time, but Thom can split it.

Good luck all :)


Keridwen said...

Amy, your stuff is gorgeous.

Do you have a deviant art account, or some other such, for those of us who've been ooh-ing and aah-ing over Mathema? :)

Amy Pearson said...

Hey hey,
... yes I do have a deviant account
but I would hesitate to send you there since a lot of it is *ahem* fanart :D

but all the new Mathema stuff will go here, and some of my other stuff can be found at the blog below too

(search Mathema on DA and you'll find me ;) )