Friday, 24 October 2008

Folk Far and Wide

Awesome! Unlucky for some, we've hit 13 followers - welcome to the gang :)

So far during the competition I've obviously been contacting [bothering] a lot of people to try and get them to go and read Mathema and vote; I can't believe how some people have been putting effort out for the comic. I note a few in thanks:

Someone also contacted me to ask if they could blog about Mathema on MySpace - There's something insanely cool for me about seeing 'Emery Hall' in the middle of a foreign blog
(Catch up with Mathema at MySpace here: )

The fan base is small but passionate; I'd rather the story was like that rather than something painfully middle ground... you never know.... I think I could deal with achieving cult status hahaha XD


Ben Ide said...

I'm not much for superstition, but I've just made it an even 14. :-)

Amy Pearson said...

Yea! Fantastic :D
Welcome to you too