Thursday, 21 May 2009

So close you can almost taste the pixels...

The site is live :D
...and pages will start going up over the next few days...
...take it steady, it does look pretty after all (haha)

But to keep you going:
Tell me pencillers and animators what is it about blue pencil that always makes it so nice to work in?? Quite honestly - is there a psychological reason?
Have a look at these new pencils (for one of the original pages) ->

Also I've noticed that the blog has grown to 38 followers.
Welcome and thank you very much guys!
[Edit: Awesome, 39 whilst I was posting, hello no. 39 ;) ]

P.s. Please note that the first pages of Mathema will now begin by listing all my claims for the characters' expenses.

P.p.s. Note to self - sarcasm is not very becoming...