Sunday, 6 June 2010

What I've been working on...

Hello, I hope you're well  :)

Pages will be back and more so, soon.
But I thought I'd post you some of the sketches an new research I've been doing.
All of the reference has been taken from photos; either from H. F. Talbot images (including watercolour above), from here, or from the book Lost London 1870-1945 (I bought this book yesterday and it's amazing).

After doing some of these I'm really excited about going on another sketch crawl – I shall book it in for next weekend.

Some of these were done with my new fine liners.  Which are pretty good, though the guy at the Letraset stall was trying to sell me markers as well – how do I explain that I've already sold my soul to Coptic?
Also I acquired a new (used) pencil.   Which seems bit strange... how can I know what it's drawn?  But that's probably getting a little too philosophical for pencils.  Anyway, it's a great colour, I've been drawing machinery from the Birmingham Think Tank with it.

Met Becky Cloonan at a signing yesterday  :)
I'm super-charged at the moment, and I'll post again soon.  Hope you enjoyed this stuff.