Sunday, 5 October 2008

About Mathema

A mathematician has found a way to reach chaos and copy the skills of the ages - dreaming that everyone should have the gift of magic.

But the discovery of Mathema forces a secret group of sorcerers into the open, desperate to protect their ancient gift of power by whatever means necessary..


Clairictures said...

This is absolutely wonderful. The characters, the story, the design, everything is gorgeous. Excellent job!

Josh said...

I am REALLY digging this comic... the art is spectacular.

hitspitter said...

the story sounds pretty interesting...

Niko Geyer said...

I absolutely adore your expressive art style. One of the best entries I've seen on ZUDA! I wish you luck in the competition.

Anonymous said...

Amy, wonderful, wonderful work there - and it has those alchemical
overtones I love so much. The artwork is fantastic, the story, gripping.

What I would like to do is to make an art section for you (i.e. a
category under your name) at the miskatonic archive, feature some frames
of your work, and add a link to the zuda home for your web comic, or the
web home for your comic (or both).

You were writing about a Miskatonic archive feature, right?

So why did you pick web comics over normal comics? I see a lot of people
doing that these days, is there really much to gain from doing it that
way? Is it better, or about the same?

Thank you,


BTW... my mail would not go through to your hotmail address, so I am writing you here.