Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wandless Wonder

Forgive me, I'm sorry I have not posted for so long and that Mathema is taking me so long to get back on track.

But... as I hope you'll see from the stuff below, the comic is still definitely on it's way :)

Between working long hours on other projects trying to stabilize and self-doubt after deciding to rehash Mathema, working on the comic itself became some what of a guilty pleasure.
I am really enjoying a lot of the other work that has come forward but it's got to the point that if I don't get my own 'dream-project' back on schedule I'm gonna go nuts....
....It's still there in my head all the time, I just want to tell someone what happens!!! ahhhh!!

I know people have probably found more exciting things to do since my last post (like, I dunno, watching paint dry... grass grow, that kind of gig) but when Mathema goes up I'll re-advertise it a bit, as a reminder ;)

May: Mathema will go up in May whatever it takes - there now you have a scale that isn't just 'soon'
(only because I am booked all hours 'til the end of this month..)

Below are some of the new pages ;) yes it's only bits of the story you've already seen, but first posting on the site will include new-story pages. (Ooo! lol)
I've pushed the style more towards the character book-pages, after trying several things this is really what I enjoy most :) I hope you guys will too...
Let me know what you think:

Look at that! You've even got a preview of the site - if it's any consolation I have been paying for the Mathema url and web space since November ;)


Amy Pearson said...

Wow, posting felt good...
I've missed it so much lol

caanantheartboy said...

I'm guessing you're a deadline-fueled crazy like me. Telling people a date means you have to stick to it! ;o)

I know I'll be watching... *dun dun DUNH*

metsuke said...

Glad to see you are continuing the series. It looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I've been waiting for some of this :)

Wow - today just got a little brighter :) glee!

Amy Pearson said...

Hey guys! It's great to hear from you, I really wasn't expecting anyone to be around to comment :)

Lol, yes I'm really like that Caanan - best way to get something done, clearly fill it with deadlines and stress, dramatic SFX really digging the build up too ;)

Hey Metsuke, thanks hope you'll enjoy it!

All is good :)

Saulone, whatever I can do to make it that little bit brighter ;)
Get back to you soon.

Em said...


Sarah Schanze said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad you're still working on it, all the pages so far look great, and the website looks beautiful! Web design is hard, not to mention all the coding issues. >__< Giving yourself a deadline is a good idea. I should try it. XD I can't wait till the website is up and I can link to your work again. <3 Keep it up!

Jer said...

It would be a tragedy if this doesn't see the light of day. You've done some amazing work in this so far. I know how hard things get when life starts creeping in but know there's a ton of us that are fans.

patrick said...

Hi Amy;

I am a french lover of your work on Mathema...SO GOOD...but it is hard to wait so do it before i am dead; Please Amy!