Sunday, 6 June 2010

What I've been working on...

Hello, I hope you're well  :)

Pages will be back and more so, soon.
But I thought I'd post you some of the sketches an new research I've been doing.
All of the reference has been taken from photos; either from H. F. Talbot images (including watercolour above), from here, or from the book Lost London 1870-1945 (I bought this book yesterday and it's amazing).

After doing some of these I'm really excited about going on another sketch crawl – I shall book it in for next weekend.

Some of these were done with my new fine liners.  Which are pretty good, though the guy at the Letraset stall was trying to sell me markers as well – how do I explain that I've already sold my soul to Coptic?
Also I acquired a new (used) pencil.   Which seems bit strange... how can I know what it's drawn?  But that's probably getting a little too philosophical for pencils.  Anyway, it's a great colour, I've been drawing machinery from the Birmingham Think Tank with it.

Met Becky Cloonan at a signing yesterday  :)
I'm super-charged at the moment, and I'll post again soon.  Hope you enjoyed this stuff.


SKS said...

Wow these are all beautiful! I especially love the background sketches, and that one in watercolor. Really nice mood. I'm glad you're still working on Mathema and doing so much research. I can't wait to see more!

Sara said...

Hello! Some time ago I was directed to your comic by your #1 fan, Elise, who goes to school with me. I'm very excited to hear that you're still working on it, and that content will soon be added to the (very lovely-looking) new site!

Wow, even your sketches are beautiful. They remind me how desperately I need to practice drawing architecture and machinery. -.- (Maybe that Lost London book could help motivate me...) At first glance, I mistook that b/w watercolor to be a photograph! Very, very impressive.

Anyway, I love your work. Can't wait to see the comic up and running again!

Luke Titley said...

Really love the pen work.

Anisa said...

funny post! enjoyed reading it…Great information put together well.As soon as i saw the headline i couldn't wait to get to start reading the comments.


Richard said...

Great work! Love the images! Can't wait to continue reading. Also thanks to Anisa for sharing this hilarious site!

sheena said...

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fred_orourke said...

I really love your work! I recently found it through the MCM expo page. Will you be selling issues of MATHEMA there? I tried reading it online but the website doesn't seem to be up and running yet.

Again love your art work!

Best Wishes

Fred (Student of Illustration: sequence and Narrative.

Amy Pearson said...


Yes I am signed up for MCM London in October. I wasn't told that they had already linked to the Blog so thanks for getting in touch! ;)

I hope to be there and I will have new Mathema gubbins and some other things I'm working on.

I will do a proper post about it nearer the date.


Galactic Baroque said...

Is there any way to read the comic archive? the website links are nonfuctional.

Amy Pearson said...


Thanks for the comment. Yes, the links on the site aren't currently available; the comic home and pages will be relaunched alongside MCM.
Sorry for making you wait.


Eillianna said...

hi there! i found your art on DA a couple of days ago, and loving the mathema art, i instantly decided to fangirl your stuff and look up the comic

heres my problem - i found the site (and it looks great by the way) but the links aren't working. nothing is working; i can't get up the comic pages and it's annoying the hell outta me!! i want to see the story really badly, but nothings working, and i don't know if its just me or if other people have had this problem, but i'd really appreciate it if you would check it out and write back

in the meantime, please keep up the great art work and update soon, xxx

Galactic Baroque said...

*checks website hopefully*

Sez said...

I really love your work I can't wait to see more