Friday, 28 August 2009


I just thought I'd post you these, I mentioned them last night but they needed brushing up today:

These are some silhouette portraits of Emery's immediate family. Some of these you won't have seen before at all, even if they've been mentioned:
Top: Verity and Michael Hall (Mum and Dad)
Bottom: Emery and Reuben (Brother)

I'm probably going to use more of these/bigger versions as part of the character section, so let me know what you think :)

I know it's a bit old fashioned--even for them--so it's mainly for my own amusement, I guess the 'family' significance is personal; there's been two tiny silhouette portraits hanging on the wall of me and my sister ever since I can remember...

Thursday, 27 August 2009



-knock, knock-

There's only one page this week I'm afraid; I'll try and make it up to you in the next post :)
You can access the new one through the 'latest pages' tab on the home page or the 'comic' tab.

I see the blog has 3 new followers this week – thanks guys! I hope you're enjoying the comic.


In Other News...

My main aim for Mathema at the moment is to get the site working a lot more smoothly; I'll keep stressing myself out about it 'til it happens. I realise a lot of it has been left a bit static since the site went up and I really hope that bringing it to life a bit more will help the comic.

I made it to Wales by the way! (Yay - Welsh cakes)
I only went for a couple of days but it was great. I managed to miss one of my train connections but eventually I met up with my family on holiday in Carmarthen (if you're interested ;) ) and we visited a few places – highlight ->

But anyway, I feel I'm rambling more than usual because it's late and I've still got to stay up and finishing reading my book...because I've only got 20 odd pages to go, blah, blah.....blah, blah...

P.s. Hall Family silhouette portraits in the works...

Thursday, 13 August 2009



Two new pages have been added to Chapter 1 -- and I can finally say 'new' and mean it :)
As usual the easiest way to get to them is from the home page or the 'latest pages' button in the comic section.
I'm really excited about the new parts of the story, I hope you enjoy them.

Now take note ;) - the other reason I'm excited about these particular pages is that, amid all the chaos of Mary's doomed soirée, there's something pretty important to learn about Charles...
(But you'll have to wait for more about that later on)

[I have checked them but, if there are any problems with viewing the pages please leave me a note -- I mention it because I may not be able to get to a computer before Monday.]


In other news...

Tomorrow I am going on a mission to south Wales, in the hope of catching up with some of my family that are on holiday there at the moment. It's great, they've already got a schedule of things-to-do planned out for me :D

Hooray! Up to 54 followers; awesome guys, thank-you.

And those that were fretting about my lack of cinema excursions will be relieved to know I made it to HBP a few days ago, and I have to admit, I thought it was rather good -- I'm a little biased though since book 6 was my favourite.