Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wandless Wonder

Forgive me, I'm sorry I have not posted for so long and that Mathema is taking me so long to get back on track.

But... as I hope you'll see from the stuff below, the comic is still definitely on it's way :)

Between working long hours on other projects trying to stabilize and self-doubt after deciding to rehash Mathema, working on the comic itself became some what of a guilty pleasure.
I am really enjoying a lot of the other work that has come forward but it's got to the point that if I don't get my own 'dream-project' back on schedule I'm gonna go nuts....
....It's still there in my head all the time, I just want to tell someone what happens!!! ahhhh!!

I know people have probably found more exciting things to do since my last post (like, I dunno, watching paint dry... grass grow, that kind of gig) but when Mathema goes up I'll re-advertise it a bit, as a reminder ;)

May: Mathema will go up in May whatever it takes - there now you have a scale that isn't just 'soon'
(only because I am booked all hours 'til the end of this month..)

Below are some of the new pages ;) yes it's only bits of the story you've already seen, but first posting on the site will include new-story pages. (Ooo! lol)
I've pushed the style more towards the character book-pages, after trying several things this is really what I enjoy most :) I hope you guys will too...
Let me know what you think:

Look at that! You've even got a preview of the site - if it's any consolation I have been paying for the Mathema url and web space since November ;)