Thursday, 30 July 2009


Hey :)

--enter the gatecrashers--

New pages are up and ready to go – this is a pretty exciting point (for me at least ;) ) since we're now up to date; i.e. (drum roll, if you will) the next post will be brand new pages, brand new part of the story.

The pages are can be accessed as before, either by that side link on the homepage or through 'latest pages' on the Comic tab.

Other things...
Over the last couple of days the blog made it to 50 followers!
That's awesome; thanks very much guys I really appreciate the support.

...I still haven't seen HBP :(


SKS said...

Yay new pages! I can't wait to see where the next part leads. Great work!

(HBP is pretty good, but I still like PoA better XD)

Anonymous said...

Looks good.

Amy Pearson said...

Hi Guys,
Thanks! And I really hope you'll dig the next pages :)

munazza said...

yaaaay! can't wait for the new pages. they're going to be awesome!

also, go and watch hbp! you're missing out mate ;P